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Tactical Shotguns and Slugs

R Cubed

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Depending on your weapon and the slugs used, you should be able to get quite a bit further than 50yds.


I use the Modified choke in my M2 Tactical. With a Tasco Optima 2000 red dot sight, I can ring an 8" steel at 100yds 8 out of 8 times.


I've seen a rifled slug gun with Hornady SST sabot slugs make hunting-accuracy acceptable hits out to 200yds.

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Even with a fixed IC choke, you should be able to make repeated hits on a target like a B27 silhouette (human size and shape) at 100yds with standard slugs. I've done it hundreds of times with a stock 870 with a bead-on-post sight while teaching LE classes, usually keeping it in the chest area.

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I too have had success with 1 oz slugs at 100 yards I was using a ghost ring sight and didn't have any problems hitting my target anywhere in the chest cavity.


I have even hit a dinger at 250 yards with a 1 oz slug and didn't get very much drop. I expected to get a lot more drop that I did. Of course, I wouldn't recommend engaging a target at 250 but I was just amazed I was even able to hit the target. This gun just shoots itself!

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