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M11707 or M1014


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Iam a new to this site and i wanted to know what is a better choice in the M4 the M11707 or the m1014??? I want to buy one and i dont know which way to go. I Live in Idaho and i found a few, one is the m11707 and the other is the m1014. Does the m1707 have the american flag stamps on it? the m1014 that I seen does have the stamp on it??? which is the better way to go I wanted one with the collapsible stock but I cant find one out there and the one I was lookin at on gunbroker sold...any feedback would be appreciated thanks..Ben

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okay okay,,slow down,,it was a busy sunday,,now ,,about your Q,,,,,,,,,,,,,if I'm not mistaken,,,and its possible,,very,,the 11707 is sold with the collapsible tube,,minus the stock in some cases,,the company might put a different stock on it for sales purpose,,,so if you want a collapsible get the 11707,,or if you want a killer barrel,,, get the M1014 with the flag on it,,in my day there was only the 11701/ M1014,,there where no choices yet and didn't know if there would be so I bought an M1014,,luckily that model has a fixed modified choke on the barrel and better quality control,,thats my litttle story................................

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