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My sbe1 has a jamming problem which after months at the gunsmith is proving hard to fix. The problem is once the shell in the chamber is fired it is extracted ok, however the new shell from the mag gets jammed on its way up to the chamber. It gets halfway up and the action jams about halfway along the shell the carrier is still trying to feed the shell at this time. Has anyone had this prob or no how to fix it.

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In my experience, most of the major gun companies do not have an actual expiration date for warranty repair. For legal purposes they state a period as in five years for Benelli guns, but in actuality if the gun is having a legimate problem that is not the result of abuse they will continue to repair it at little or no charge.


In your case vincey, I am not sure where the nearest factory repair center would be, so that might pose a problem legally with shipping it to another country. You might email Benelli and see what they have to say about it. I have had guns completely replaced that had a problem that was not easily fixed (in my case a Glock, not a Benelli).

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