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New R1 and scope


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Picked up a 30-06 and mounted a Leoupold 50mm VXL with the Boone and Crockett recticle on it with Warne rings from Cabelas. Anybody have this set up and if so, how does it work together? Have'nt even fired the R1 yet, just waiting for spring to start shooting and sighting it in....any tips? I'm not all that familiar with rifles as I have always used a shotgun for everything, but I am going to Wyoming to try Antelope hunting so I figured I would get a rifle and use it for deer, Elk, Moose, and whatever other big game I decide to try.

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Most R1 owners agree that the factory trigger is too heavy, so you may want to have a smith look at yours. The trigger is not user adjustable as some bolt action triggers are, so it requires a skilled hand.


The barrel should be broken in following generally accepted and published guidelines. Whether the break-in is necessary or whether or not it helps is always open for debate, but there's no harm in doing it, and there could be some gain.


Did Cabelas mount the scope or have you done that yourself?

As with most anything gun related there's a right way, a wrong way, and whole lot of in-bewteen when it comes to scope mounting.


With a fine piece of glass like that, I would have used the Burris signature rings with the inserts. The hard plastic inserts not only protect the scope from ring marks, but they also eliminate the need for lapping the rings as they give just enough to true everything up nice and snug.


There are many discussions here regarding tips, tricks, frustrations, problems, and accomplishments with the R1, so spend some time and browse the forums for answers to questions you didn't even you had ;)

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I have that same setup and I really like it. I have taken 3 animals with it. Ram 400 yards, moose 325yards and a Bou at about 60 yards. I did have a gun smith work my trigger. Other than that keep it clean and try some differant ammo to find what it likes best. You would be surprised at the differance ammo cam make. Mine would jam with some but it really likes to shoot Federal Premium 180 grain Barnes MRX bullets. It groups these to within less than 1 MOA and they really pack a punch. Has been lights out for everything I have shot at. Hit my moose 4 times all 4 hits within a pie plate at 325 yards. The first shot went thru both shoulders. Just kept shooting to stop him from getting into the brush. The one picture is of the recover Barnes bullet. I drilled a hole in the wood that I mounted the antlers on.



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