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Thoughts on this Benelli/Beretta post...


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Lots of good guys at N W T F boards, but I just don't get this post.


Guy buys an Optima Plus Indian Creek choke for his Xtrema II. Someone told him it fit the Super Nova, so he goes out and buys a Super Nova without checking out that info.


Now he blames Benelli for all the ensuing problems.


Maybe I'm just too dense, but I don't get it :confused:


I'd love to hear any comments from you smart guys.

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I'd like to lay hands on the two chokes side by side to be sure, but I believe the guy from Benelli is correct when he says that the choke will work, but will stick out more.


The internal threads and shoulders match, but the crio barrels are threaded deeper into the tube.

Having the tube protrude does no harm on the nova.


The crio tube will work with the nova, but a nova tube won't work with a crio.

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BTW, gobbler.

Square cut threads will have a flat apex and valley, whereas V cut threads will have V shaped apex and valley.


V's are easier to machine and are used unless heavier resistence to shearing is required. The square cuts give more large surface contact and do not shear as easily.

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