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Sping and Follower Removal


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Hello all, I have searched the board, web and manual and have yet to find an answer.


I am installing my two-round extention this week and do not know the best way to go about opening up the factory tube to allow for the spring and follower to extend into the extention.


Any assistance would help. I have looked over the tube but want to double check how to do this before I ruin something.


Thanks. Brad

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Not sure which Benelli that you are working on!


I think that they are all pretty similar. I have a SuperNova and when I fitted the extension tube it was a little fiddly the first once or twice.


The procedure is described in the manual (Benelli USA version - American English) however, it is not a model of clarity.


Firstly, double and triple check that the chamber is clear and that the magazine is empty; sticking 1 1/8oz of sixes through the kitchen ceiling will really get the dog barking!!


I quote (in part) from the manual:


"1) Unscrew and remove the magazine cap by turning it counter-clockwise. (Looking from the muzzle).


2) Remove the barrel. (You'll probably need to slightly open the action and give the barrel a jiggle to free it - careful not to scratch it).


3) You'll now see a thin metal cover in the end of the tube, underneath it is the spring and possibly, a magazine limiting plug. Now this is important - insert something like a screwdriver with flat blade into the opening and take some of the pressure off the spring. Use needle nose pliers or similar to squeeze the thin metal retaining ring so that it is now slightly smaller dia. than the magazine tube. This retaining ring can then be CAREFULLY removed, ensuring that the magazine spring pressure is gradually released. Remove the spring, magazine plug-if fitted and magazine follower.


The extension kit should comprise of extended spring, metal cap, threaded extension collar, tube and clamps. (For a SuperNova).


Re-insert the mag. follower, screw the threaded extension collar halfway onto the extension tube, with the metal cap inserted in the end of the tube - it often tilts over. Put the extended spring into the extension tube so that it presses up against the metal cap and holds it in place. Insert the other end of the spring into the mag. tube and carefully bring together, gradually compressing the spring. It may look as if it will never all fit - it does! Screw home firmly. Fit the bracket and tighten, taking care not to scratch the finish. At the first opportunity, function test several times to ensure that the follower moves up the tube smoothly and that the magazine holds the correct number of shells correctly. Don't wait until you need it before checking this out!


I hope that this is of some assistance. As I said, if you don't have a manual you can download from the Benelli site - check it's the English language version.





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Thank you Andy, a slow night shift has got my mind turned off. Should have mentioned I have an M4LE. But, after reading your post, I think it will steer me in the right direction since what you describe seems to be the same as on my gun.





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If I'm not mistaken (and I may be, since I'm still asleep) the M4 uses a snap ring type device to keep the spring in the tube once the limiter/end cap are removed. Go buy a set of snap ring pliers if you don't have them. Craftsman makes some cheapish ones that work on both internal and external snap rings, go pick up a pair. You'll need them to adjust the forward sling loop ring anyway, unless you want to scratch up your gun.

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