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Sure Cycle mag followers for M4


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How many of you guys are using these followers in your Benellis? Are they a good product?


I just sent of my M.O. to get the M4 full length tube from SOCOMguy, and I'm planning to install the Sure Cycle follower. I want to make sure I am not doing anything detrimental to the functioning of my gun.



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Is the SS spring longer/stronger than the factory spring? I hesitate switching out springs because I've had problems in the past doing this with other guns (even using reputedly top-of-the-line aftermarket springs).


you have to look at it this way, it is a matter of time before you can have problems with the factory spring from use, keeping it loaded etc. no matter what you will need a good back up spring to keep you in business and those sure cycle guys will take care of you. if you have had your shotty for a while remove your factory spring and wipe it down with some oil and just see how much rust comes off of it.

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I'm running a Sure cycle mag tube extension on mine with the provided red follower and longer spring. I had complications on feeding with the longer spring and could just barely fit the 7th round in the tube. I switched back to the factory spring and kept the new follower in and it runs and feeds flawlessly.

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