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  1. I want your field stock if you'd part up your package
  2. hmmmm, mine has another keeper in it below the one in the pic. I'll snap a photo of what i got
  3. thats my **** 360 name for the call of duty games
  4. [email protected] this is the one piece "preban" tube that just has like a plunger at the end of the tube but the tube is crimped so it will not come out?
  5. I have a preban M3 super 90 I need to change the magazine spring and I cant figure out how you get to it without tearing something up....please advise Wing
  6. Got that deer in Indiana last year and it was shot with a slug the old favorite of mine Winchester "Power Point" foster slug. everyone has their own opinion on slugs for their Benelli but my shotty just loves to fling these slugs in super tight groups amd they hit like freight train......just so happens these slugs are not $10 a box either
  7. enough said? ETA: of yeah you can always remove the two phillips head screws from the cheek piece and knock the pin out of stock so it will collapse, just will only lock on the fully open position. also I'm friends with a fella that changed his recoil tube out with a vise, towel and pipe wrench...recoil tube twisted right off~shrugs~ And if you have a M1014 limited edition you would not have any place to put those choke tubes, as far as I know only the M4 came with the barrel that accepts choke tubes as far as I know....but I have been told before by several gun dealers that 2 ve
  8. wingbone

    preban M3

    Hey Tucker!!! I happened across a great deal on preban Benelli/HK M3 and I can't find the chart you posted on serial number dates. My serial number is: M1083xx what year do I got??...I'll post pics for ya later M1014 Wing
  9. wingbone


    alright it is hard to tell from the pic but here is my guess 1. looks like a HK preban M3 2. M2 tactical 3. M4gery/ 11707 4. limited edition, one of 2500 released to public M1014 5. M1 practical 6. highly customized M1 super 90 sniper shotgun
  10. Duggan, some awsome posts and great advise!!!......plus I love to see the Benellis spittin:D
  11. I have a couple of trained attack chihuahuas I hope to move up to some airsoft really soon though
  12. nothing but SWEET!....I'm wondering how long before this one gets a heat sheild too
  13. ~chuckles~ I got a gold star in kindergarden when I learned how to tie my shoes anyhow it sounds like I'll need a winch to pry yer panties from the bunch thats getting you all worked up!!!......calm down man, I like you......I'll just have a problem with that long name. I'll work on a shorter, easier to remember name for you tonight, how about "Rambo".....or "Stormshadow" (my favorite G.I. Joe) hmmmmm I'll think on it. Nuttin but love to ya, Wing P.S. I have a picture of John Wayne
  14. Hey Sgt. Cathy!!! you are right as rain, you never know when you could be overran by hords of brain eating Zombies........always prepared
  15. Hey old man!!! hows things been eh? I've recently change shifts, it has taken some adjusting for me. anyhow I have not seen any new mods you have added to your shotty or any new additions. Anyways I'll be around so holler at me Wing
  16. Blah!!! dont be such a newb! I've taken lots of big game with a bow in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tenn. but this is with not only my favorite shotty but the best ever made!!
  17. yeah wished I could have but he goes in the Boone and Crocket record book for three years and I get the certificate and everything because he is over the 160 mark in the "honors program"
  18. You know some shotguns just have the "mojo" for me it is the M1014 I've talked about her enough here in the past but this last hunting season she gives me yet another reason to know she is the best!!!....60 yards with the Winchester super X power point slug, straight knocked him off his feet! I used to get ribbed about using my tactical Benelli for deer hunting.... key phrase there is "used to"
  19. One good reason the M1014 is better than the M4 is that if you have the M1014 you get bigger deer!!!
  20. not a problem let me know if you can get in touch with the other guy and I'll send mine to you for the $100.00 Wing
  21. here is a fixed pistol grip stock from impact guns for $120 and it says they are in stock. http://www.impactguns.com/store/81040.html
  22. Numrich wants $167.00 for the regular field stock! http://www.e-gunparts.com/DisplayAd.asp?chrProductSKU=980370&chrSuperSKU=&MC= this must be the best field stock ever made I'm sure
  23. well so far I have not been able to find any for sale to get a price to quote you I'll snap a pic of it and send to your email with a price quote as soon as I can come up with one.
  24. hows things going great wise one? ...any new additions to the collection I have not seen pictures of yet? and how about this new surefire railed forearm, any feedback on them yet?
  25. I've got one I can hook you up with, or if you have a "field stock" without pistol grip I'd just trade you straight up. Wing
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