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Super Nova -- Drop & Cast


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My new Super Nova came with the shims for adjusting drop and cast, but I know nothing about how to determine if I need to do this. The owners manual has instructions on how to do it, but that's it. Is there any easy way to determine if the guns fits me, and if not, how much I need to adjust it?

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If the gun fits you it will feel comfortable and you'll hit what you're shooting at.


Using an empty gun, pick a distant target of about 30 yards and focus on it while assuming a good stance.

Shoulder the gun with your eyes closed. Open your eyes.

If you're aiming at the target, you're real close.


Now move on over to the pattern board and try a few rounds from a natural shooting position.

Check for where the center of the pattern appears to be.

Is it where you aimed? High? Low? Right? Left?


Refer to the manual and adjust accordingly.

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