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SHOOTER: The movie.


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I just saw this movie today. It was "loosely" based on the Stephen Hunter novel, "Point of Impact".


The book "Point of Impact" is one of my favorites. It is a page turner, I couldn't wait to read it everynight. You should definitely read it if you get the chance. It took me 3 nights as a kid.


I will put the points here then detail below:


1.) Great movie. (Tons of action and it's non-stop.) I hate movies that have long boring scenes in between or all the good parts are in the last 4 mins.


2.) I do not care about actors/directiors political viewpoints. (I will see a movie if I want to see it. Most of Hollywood is ANTI-GUN anyway.....so any movie you see probably has someone who is anti-gun involved in it's creation.)


3.) This is Hollywood......they make movies.....Hollywood style. Don't expect tons of accuracy. Also don't expect them to follow any book 100%.


4.) It is NOT a politcal drama. People get upset and say this movie is anti-government. It is NOT anti-government. However watches a movie and says, there trying to over-throw this current gov't or that gov't are stupid. It's a MOVIE!!!! for pete's sake. That's like saying video games cause murders.


First off let me say this: THIS IS A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE.......rarely do they follow the BOOK. And rarely are they good as the book. Hopefully we all know that. Secondly, if it was exactly as the book, it'd be 4 hour movie.


In the book, Bob Lee Swagger was in the Vietnam war. A far different era.


Now let me say this: I thought the movie was GREAT. It had a solid plot. Good acting from everyone involved, tons of action, lots of cool weapons, a ton of explosions and fight sequences and some hot ladies. How can you not like that??????


I am also happy that there wasn't any stupid love scenes put in the movie between Mark Wahlberg and Sarah Fenn. That would have just been stupid. Like most movies where he falls in love after 2 seconds. So I'm happy they avoided that.


Third: I don't really care about what the actors political view points are. They are going to get paid either way. Most of Hollywood is ANTI-GUN. So you really can't see any movie today that is not going to some how involve someone who is anti-gun.


This movie is NOT ANTI-Government. That is so stupid. Why do people take so much from movies???? Like there's DEEP, DEEP MEANING in a HOLLYWOOD BLOW 'EM UP SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER????? :banghead:


That's like the anger from Iran over the movie "300" saying it puts Persian's in a bad light. It's a dang movie......not a politcal statement. Grow up.


Glover and the Senator are BAD GUY's who use there status as government agents to further their own agendas. It's not the whole US government as a whole anyway. Once they find out what their doing, the Attorney General tries to go after them. So there. Happy?


So this is a great movie, lots of non-stop action, and tons of great weapons. Go see it.


If you see the last showing of the movie before 6pm it's only $4. That's cheaper then a rental. And I will buy it as soon as it comes out on DVD. Just like the movie "300". I give it two THUMBS UP.



They did use HK's in this movie. Just no Benelli's. Only shotgun was a Remington 870. Sorry.

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