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Scope picatinny rail


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Hi guys... my Argo R1 in .308 came with iron sights but not with the picatinny rail... I am having a hard time googling this bases... Do you know any place where I can order them :confused: through internet?


I have tried http://www.calssportingarmory.com/ they charged my credit card... 3 weeks.. no product... no telephone, no customer service, nothing :( ... so if you know of other website it will be very appreciated...


Thanks a lot


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Try Mann & Son in IL



Also, according e-gunparts.com, the same rail fits the M4 shotgun. You may want to call Benelli to have that confirmed, but if it's true you'll find M4 rails a lot easier than you will find R1 rails.


My 30-06 R1 took the same base as the Browning BAR base.


However, the scope may run out of adjustment on elevation as the R1 factory base is tapered. Not sure what the MOA is on the taper, but mine topped out with the BAR base and wouldn't go any farther.


You can also get offset rings for the BAR styled bases to compensate for the effoset in the factory rail.


Lastly, I'd try contacting Benelli CS about obtaining a base directly from them.

You may be pleasantly surprised ;) .

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Tucker, I have no experience with this but.. I have seen blank picatinny rails like this...




If I buy one I guess it only needs the holes to be drilled? they are precontoured... I understand by precontoured that they have a rounded bottom so it can fit nicely with the gun reciever... Am I right?... will they work?


Thanks again..


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