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Rifle barrels

Liberty or death Jr.

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If you want to forgo the debate it all boils down to 150fps to 300fps

of bullet speed.

The one think I like about longer barrels is they are a little quiter, and they don't seem to get hot as quickly.

Other than that it is a matter of personal preference what you like .

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For the large part, Roy is correct, but each caliber has its optimum length and some believe optimum barrel time.


The velocity gain is not constant, meaning that 20" more barrel will not yield a velocity gain of 3,000 fps.


That's the basics.


The physics can go WAY deeper with harmonic resonance, stress waves, reflection, pressures, acoustics.....


The Browning BOSS and Sims deresonator attempt to alter lessen these variable by "tuning" the barrel.


Long range precision rifles will go 30" or more in some cases, while hunting lengths vary from 20" to 26" making for lighter and shorter rifles.

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The whole story is a bit more complicated, but that's a decent broad summation.


The velocity and accuracy differences are hardly discernable to the average hunter, who rarely shoots game over 250 yards. But to the long range target shooter, sniper, and long range hunter, the differences are worth their attention.

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