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need help deciding on gift...


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i have an m1super90 that i *love*, and i am looking at getting my dad a benelli for his 60th birthday coming up. ~70% of his hunting is putting in miles after chukars (often in very cold weather), and the other 30% is a mix between quail, pheasant, and dove. it has to be a 20ga, and he won't want something really fancy looking (read: legacy), so i am looking at the m2 and montefeltro. i know about the main differences (eg, crio, comfortech)... is there a difference in durability between them? how does each stand up in the cold - do they still cycle well? what are people's thoughts on the m2 holding 3 shells in the magazine, versus the monte with 4? (i ask this because i have seen my dad down 5 chukars from one covey, in a row with 5 shots, without reloading his browning a5 at all) is there anything you don't like about either of them? sorry for all of the questions...i am just trying to figure out which one will work best for him... thanks for the help,



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I would recommend the Montefeltro Silver just because it is a nice gun with nice would and good enlay on the metal. If you want to keep is simple they now have the M2 w/ comfortech. It will reduce some of the recoil plus it is all flat black so nice an simple.


As far as the 4+1 or 3+1. The silver is 4+1 so maybe that is the way to go.


From what I hear the Crio barrels are better. better shot patterns and longer lasting. Either one of these two will not have a Crio barrel from what I thought I read on the Benelli site.


Good luck whatever you get him. I am sure he will really enjoy it. On a funny note, if he is that good at chucker then you should get a magazine extension like what Tom Knapp or Tim Bradley use which will allow for 12 shots. Then he could get his limit in one flurry and not have to walk far. Just a thought, ha, ha...

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I bought an M1 20ga this summer and love it, but I wish I would've waited and bought an M2 20 because I really like the comfortech stock on my M2 12ga and the M2 20ga also has the grip tight coating on the stock and forearm. Both guns have an identical action and both should be extremely reliable, even in extreme cold. Is this gun going to be a suprise for your dad?, I ask because the Monte has a low rib and the M2 has a high rib, and some people prefer one over the other so you might want to take him with and see which one he likes best. It doesn't bother me to have 4 shots instead of 5 because the only bird hunting I do is 95% pheasant and 5% waterfowl and I don't need 5 shots; actually I never take the plug out of my guns so I only ever have 3 shots. If your dad has been shooting his A5 for a long time he might be reluctant to switch, but once he spends a day in the field with a Benelli he will love the light weight compared to the Browning Tank he has been using.

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