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Question for Mudhen...


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I purchased the Rhion .660 for my SBEII and fired 3.5" XR #5's today. The pattern was a kill at 40, but not what I was hoping.


From your experience with these, how many kill hits should I expect at that range?


Also, will I get more kill hits or a denser pattern from the 6 shot?

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For XR 3.5" 5's, I'd want to see 40-45% of the 318 pellets in the 10" circle at 40 yards, or around 127-143 hits. Given the knock down power of XR 5's, 140 pellets in the 10" at 40 should be plenty.


For XR 6's, I'd be looking for 166-186 hits at 40 yards. I'm not as confident with XR 6's at 40 as I am with XR 5's.


I found the Primos Jellyhead .660 to pattern just a bit better than the Rhino.


This is what I'm looking for with XR 6's. My pellet hand counts are higher than Winchester's catalog lists:



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