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Well CVST, I know the Heavi-Shot and XR's are more expensive, but if your using them for turkey the expense in the long run is negligible. It only takes one or two rounds to pattern your gun. Then if you can get the bird in close enough you only need one shot placed in the head and neck to kill it. In Georgia if I kill all three of my birds in one season that means I have only used 5 shells out of my box to get my birds. That means I have enough left to kill 3 more the following year and two more the next year. Sounds rather inexpensive when you look at it that way, doesn't it? I quit drinking and started using my beer money to pay for my other vices. Hehehe I would rather hunt all day than drink all night.

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I agree with your reasoning 100%. However, if I do not buy the XRs and just shoot the lead I have this year, that is one more hunting trip I can take. (It costs about $40 for gas for round trip to my cabin). I have two turkeys at 40 yards plus with 3" 6s in factory full and extra full, so to me the extra trip is more worth it. If I run out of lead or have $$ next year or sometime in the future, then I will probably give it a try.

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