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after reading h.bowman's post...

blood hound

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im confused...


i just picked up a LNIB benelli m4 today


never knew about the 11707 vs the 1014


the serial#'s with my gun match the factory box it came in which says its the 11707 but mine doesnt say LE like h.bowmans does



soooooo what do i have here?



under the 11707 it says



but like i said i bought mine used...and when i say used i mean it was never fired...a safe queen...not a mark on it


it has the standard pistol grip not a collapsible one so i assume at some point in its like it was switched out unfortunately


but ummmm did i get a good deal if i paid less than $1100 OTD?:cool:

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Guest Cajunkraut

Unless the label is counterfeit (highly unlikely), you have a 11707, preconfigured to accept the collapsible stock. Mine has the exact same label and markings. That said, I've never seen an 11707 with an "LE" marked receiver, only read about 'em.


All 11707's come imported with the standard PG stock. At $1100 OTD, it was a fantastic deal.

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blood hound,


It appears you've got a earlier 11707 that was purchased when Benelli was still selling them with the retractable stocks. The LE markings do not distinguish a 11707 from an M1014. The LE markings were orginally only used during the AWB period for law enforcement agencies but there has been a crop of LE marked receivers showing up lately and sold as standard 11707's. Benelli is probably just clearing out some old stock.


The civilian model M1014 was made during the AWB period and has an American flag on the right-side of the receiver, fixed choke, and a retractable stock that would not retract due to not having the proper grooves machined into the stock guide post (per AWB). This model was also limited to 2500 units and thus become the limited edition model that people sometimes talk about here.


Hope that helps.



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