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New SBE II what do I need to know?


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Want to say hello I am new to the forum. I just got my new sbe II, what do you guys suggest I do to break it in. all the manual says to do is shoot a few boxes of hunting loads through it. Does it come from the factory with a protective coating that I need to clean off. And I do hear a sqeaking noise from the recoil spring, is this normal becuase its a new gun or does this need to be cleaned and re- oiled? thanks for the help

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I prefer to break in with 2 or 3 boxes of heavy field loads.

The recoil spring noise is normal and it doesn't need to be cleaned and oiled but once or twice a year under normal use.


I would break down the gun into its major components and clean/lube those.

It helps you to become more familiar with the weapon and it insures a good start.


Click Here for my SBE cleaning guide (PDF).

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Take to the range once cleaned and pattern it to see if your POI needs an adjustment. Manual pretty much goes over this adjustment process but it has it's own Italian way of telling you how it needs to be done which some have issues with. Lots of post here on adjustments which are not too hard to complete, its just figuring them out for owners that have their first adjustable shotgun. You will enjoy it as much as the rest of us as long as ya can acclimate to an Italian shotgun, Congrats!:D

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