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Hey Junior, I need your help


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You bought that deadfowl trainer for your pup and if I can, I need to get a picture of that from you. We're doing a Pinewood Derby and the theme for it is to do an animal shaped car, and so I'm going to do a duck. I have a top-down shot:




So what I need now is a profile shot, so could I have you lay your dokken trainer on a flat surface (maybe the side of a table or workbench?) and take a couple pictures of it from the side?


I need to get that so I can figure out the shape of it from the side.


Thanks man. :D

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Sweet, my dad has a 22-250 also, great PD and Coyote gun. I want to get one of those dials for my 243 and I want to get a 204 and put a dial on that too. And evetually a 7 mm.


Do those dials come with the scope or could I buy them separatly for my 3x9?


Do you reload? Thats something I want to get into, especially for pistol plicking, you can go through boxes quick.

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Yes, I reload.

I was out of it for a number of years, but now that the nest is emptying out, I'm finding the time to do it again.


The dials are custom made by Kenton Industries to correspond to either factory loads or to your pet load.

They also make windage dials if you prefer to have them too.


They make them to fit the most popular makes and models of scopes (Leupold, Zeiss, etc.)


On the order form, you submit either measured ballistics data that you've compiled or you can give them your bullet type, weight, charge, altitude, barrel length, temperature, etc. and they'll make the calculations for you.


Testing mine last Spring at 500 yards, I was shooting 3" groups and the dial was pretty much dead on.


I'm developing loads now for my 25-06 beanfield deer rifle.

As soon as I have the sweet spot, I'll get another dial for that one.

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Black tailed prairie dogs is what the field guide says. I'll look into that tuck, my 243 has a 3x9 leupold on it. I might have to get one of those.


I shoot federal SP 100 grains which, from what I saw this fall on deer, is flat shooting to 300 yards. I shot at a deer that was roughly 300 yards, my dad paced it after the shot and he is really good at that. The federal ballistics chart said it dropped 12 inches if zeroed at 100 yards, which is what my gun is sighted for.


I aimed level with his back, and squeezed the trigger, he jumped a bit, so I thought I might of shot under him, I shot three more times over him and he ran off. We saw him the next day and I shot him at about 180 yards, dropped on the spot. I found he had a spot on his back that was skinned from the bullet last night, it was from the one that I aimed level with his back, that is the only one that caused him to jump.


Then my brother shot a doe at about 450 yards, aimed about 3 feet over her and dropped her, federal says that round drops about 46 inches at 500 yards if sighted at 200 yards, so far the ballistics have been wrong both times. Thats why I need to test them instead of listen to ballistics.


If I got into reloading after I got a dial for the federal SP 100 grains, how would that work?

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It would be close.

Ideally, you'd look at the load data and try to reload with a muzzle velocity as close as possible to that of the factory loads.


With standard Leupold turrets you'll need the Stoney Point Target Turret adapter. It's mentioned on the site.

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