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New SS w/ ejection problem


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I just picked up my new SS, and took it to the trap range to try it out. I only had time for one round. I absolutely love the gun, but encountered a small problem. The gun twice failed to eject the spent shell. I also noticed that when it did eject the other shells, they just sort of fell to the side, as opposed to flying out as they do with my M2. I used Winchester AA Super sport 1 1/8 oz #7 1/2. I cleaned the gun prior to going out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would hate to go out on the sporting clays range and have the same thing happen.


Thanks in advance.

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SO LAME DUDE!! Why come on here and spew negativity. Is it because you don't know how to work on your gun. If you hate Benelli then go and shoot another gun and walk away from the site. But if you like Benelli then why not be positve and TRY to help people.


You wonder why new people walk away from Shooting? When people like you discourage people. Man we got to stick together as shooters as they amount of us is not as much as it use to be.


Did you know that the average age of shooters is 49 and has risen steadily over the last ten years. DUH!


Ok now that I am done ranting let me try to be positive for this person and his SS.



You got yourself a sweet gun. I own a 12g SS w/comfortech and have shot over 6k now of rounds through it since January 9th when I picked it up with only one failure. It was NOT THE GUN. It ejected a shell and pulled the brass from the hull and the hull stayed in the barrel. Bad shell NOT GUN.


Ok, Tips to break the gun in.

#1- take the gun apart and degrease and re-lube the gun. I use Gunslick stuff. I used Nu-gun to degrease it and the Ultra lube to lube it. Make sure you get the rails and the rotating bolt head. Run a patch in the barrel and you are ready to go. I dry cycled my gun by just pulled the lever back and forth to make sure nothing was hanging up. You are ready to shoot.


#2-Shoot the biggest load you can find and shoot 3-4 boxes of it. I shot Federal Premium 1 1/4oz, 1550fps, #6 shot 3 inch magnums.


#3- After that I took it apart again and wiped it down and re-lubed it again. It was then ready to go.


From there I have shot just about every thing through it. I have heard not to shoot anything under 1200fps. I have shot as low as 7/8oz, 1200pfs loads(600 in one day), I even shot in a tournament 1 1/8 oz at 1145fps (150 of them). I mainly shoot FIOCCHI Premium stuff. Why not, expensive gun is like an expensive car. I use premium in those so why not feed the gun with better ammo. I know there is all kinds of good stuff out there. I have shot tons of the Walmart promo stuff in Remington and Federal but I have better times with the FIOCCHI for me because of how clean it is and I like the purple hulls, ha, ha. I have heard however that some Ammo Benelli's just don't like so it is an experiment sort to say for you.


My wife has a 20g Montefeltro and just about the same amount of rounds through hers and she hasn't had a failure yet either. I love the speed of which it takes to clean these guns and for me and my wife I cannot and will not shoot another brand of Shotgun.


I hope this helps you with your SS issues. I know that nothing is perfect and there is a chance that there may be something actually wrong wih the gun and IF there is I know for a fact that the Benelli Customer Service can handle your issue. George Thompson over there is the MAN in Customer service but all of them are over there.


On a lighter note. I got to go to Mike Raahauge's out here in the West Coast. There was a Shooting Fair. I had the Privelage to watch Benelli's Tim Bradley do a show. That guy is AWESOME. It was really windy and he wasn't able to get passed the 7 clay mark as the wind was holding the clays together or blowing them all over when he threw them. He was awesome and HUMBLE (did you hear that Patrick Flanigan!?), YES HUMBLE even when he miss which he did a few times.


Let me tell you all something. I have not met person YET in a position like this that was that nice or friendly. He even stayed more than an hour after the show answering people's questions and so forth. Great guy and Benelli did really well by getting him to enhance Tom's deal. The only thing better would be to have Tom there as he is just as nice and humble. Those two together would be a riot.


On another note, his guns were BEAT. I have seen dirty guns but with as much travel as he does I can see how they get hammered. He had a SBE II, M2 Left handed and M2 right handed. He shot well over 125 rounds total easy and never had a ejection failure.


On another note becaus I remember on here somewhere else that people were talking about trick shooting and choke and shot sizes. Well I thought you would need to run a tighter choke so when doing 7 plus clays you don't hit more than one clay at a time.


Well I learned something. Tim shoots a full OPEN choke with Federal Premium, 1 1/8oz, 3 dram, 1200fps, #9 shot. Yep, what I thought was not true. I guess because his shots are within Skeet distance he shoots full open. Learn something everyday.


I have video of his show and pictures but I am lame and don't know how to post. When I do I will post them.


Have a great day.


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I must have overlooked some of the packing grease when I first cleaned the gun. So, I took the gun apart completely, gave it a thorough cleaning, and shot a couple of boxes of the AA Super Handicap heavy loads. Problem solved! The gun is awesome. It shoots like a dream, and my trap scores have improved tremendously. I highly recommend the SS to anyone in the market for a good clays gun.


Thanks for the advice!

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So far, I've shot 3 rounds of trap, a round of sporting clays, and my first round of skeet. The SS performed flawlessly at all three games. As I mentioned previously, my trap scores have improved with the SS. It's a great all around gun, and really fun to shoot. It's also really easy on the shoulder, which is important to me because I have really bad tendonitis in both shoulders, more so in my right one. I'm going back out to the range on Thursday, and I can't wait to shoot it again.

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I think that you will come to love your new gun. I put 10 boxes of Rem STS through mine the first day out and it seemed like it never looked back. The only ejection trouble I have had is with light loads 1 0z 2 3/4 dram or their like. But the gun shoots so soft that you can run hotter loads without the fatigue setting in. I have over 15000 rounds through mine and it is still my favorite autoloader. I have built an adapter plug cast from silicone to accept any style buttpad so I have been able to increase my LOP to 15.75" whch works nicely for me. I do not shoot much in heavy clothing so it was short with the stock pads. Plus it seemed like it was hard to get all of those soft parts for a while. A friend uses a lot of silicone for RTM moulding of carbon fiber parts and he made a tool out of the original pad and left the face flat so we could screw onto it.


Good luck with your gun.



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Thanks! I'm already crazy about the gun. I'm probably going to buy a shorter gel pad to shorten the LOP. I had to buy a strap on shoulder pad due to my tendonitis. I'll also try shooting a box of 1oz. loads to see how the gun performs with them.

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  • 7 months later...

I know this question was posted quite a while ago. With the level of traffic in this forum, it doesn't surprise me there are very few responses...


In any case, here is my experience:

I have a 12ga Montefeltro that I bought back in 2000. Since then I have probably put 5,000-10,000 shells through. A couple weeks ago I was shooting trap with 1oz shells and they were failing to eject from the chamber fully. Not every time, but enough to be annoying. This gun has never, ever failed to eject the spent shell before. It was very COLD that night and I was bundled up pretty good. I figured it was one of three things wrong -

1) A 1-ounce shell has less kick and maybe it wasn't coming back fast enough to push the jector pin back all the way

2) Being inertia operated, it depends on the shooter to be there resisting the recoil. Since I was bundled up, it was not acting correctly.

3) It was cold enough that the action was gumming up, slowing the chamber opening?


I found all of these to be very unlikely, especially since this gun had NEVER failed me before. The next trap night I used 1 1/8-ounce shells. I had less ejection problems, but still had a couple. Eliminate the shells from the equation. And it wasn't as cold outside, eliminate possibility 2 and 3.


I finally ran some snap caps slowly through the action and here's what I found:

The setscrew or rivet (its hard to tell which it is) that holds the ejector assembly in the barrel tang had somehow crept far enough into the breach to flatten into a "D" right on its edge. It was probably being hammered a little by the rim of the shells every time one was fired. Eventually, a sharp edge had formed, which was grabbing the shells as they came backward and before they had a chance to compress the spring behind the ejector pin. The result was, the shell would get kicked a little toward the breech and didn't contact the ejector pin at all. then the shell would not go anywhere. Good thing I wasn't shooting doubles...


Cure: I took my dremel and ever so carefully, ground off the intervening sharp edge of the setscrew/rivet so that it was now flush with the barrel tang, and thus shells no longer got hung up. Everything works like new now. I checked the rivet, and I could not get it to budge, so hopefully the problem will not recur...

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