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Gell pad?


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What's this gell pad I keep seeing popping up in threads? Are the SBE II shooters changing the recoil pad that comes with the gun? I picked up my SBE II the other day and I'm just starting to trick it out. I'd love to hear more about these pads and why doesn't anyone like the recioil system Benelli has with the gun.


Recoil pads, chokes (Rhino&Nitro), sling & swivels, stock comb and Williams Fire Sights arte all things I'll be looking into for my turkey set-up. Any help or input would be appricated :D

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The SBE II comes with a Gel Pad recoil pad and I think it works fine.


I tried a Limbsaver pad for the SBE II and it worked fine, but the adaptor was/is so cheap that I decided to just keep using the factory gel pad. I know of no other after market true slip-fit recoil pad for the SBE II.


My SBE II turkey gun is stock but for a Primos/Jellyhead choke tube.




mudhen - CA

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SWEET :D How about a little advice for a sling while you're on here? I'd like to use an Uncle Mike's black shotgun sling but after seeing the one you have, I like it better. Now my gun will be set up mostly for turkey hunting. All my dove, grouse and wabbit hunting will be done with a 20GA. When I'm out turkey hunting I like to have the sling attached but as soon as I get set up to call or work a bird, the sling comes off. I've had too many times where that sling hanging down catches my knee and I don't like it. Are the swivels you have on your turkey thumper quick disconnect or easy to remove?


I'm looking to order the Jelly Head choke tube in a few days to see how it likes my gun. I’m just waiting for a guy to send payment for my old Remington Rhino tube in order to purchase it. I’ll also be trying the Kick’s GT tube. My buddy owes a sporting goods shop and I can try it with out actually spending the money for it first. The Rhino tube will be last one to try if my gun doesn’t like the Jelly head.


The process of working a good turkey load can be very costly. This is way I’m doing it now so that come spring I can concentrate on the places I plan on hunting and not have to worry about my gun.


Thanks for the help :)

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