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Does Camo last FOREVER?


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I'm probably about to buy a SBE2 and It is going to last forever.


I am leaning towards going all black because of I think in a few years the camo will look like crap, but I can always CLP black matte to look decent.



Any thoughts?



ps. I'm sorta looking at the X2 w/ the auqa and K/O because its cheaper and softer kicking. but thats another issue.

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I chose the matte black for similar reasons and a few others.

Firstly, camo is more for the benefit of the human consumer than it is for the concealment from the quarry.

Secondly, camo does not last forever.

I've seen some two year old camo that looked pretty bad, and others that have held up well, but they're all gonna get their nicks and scrapes if you use them enough.


Wasn't Beretta doing an advanced finish in black that resists harsh conditions, etc.?


When my black SBEII gets too ugly, I'll simply buy a can of gunkote and redo her myself.

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