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  1. it is hard not to find a 3 or 4 year old sbe that hasn't rusted because the finish is poor.
  2. THere is no diffrence other than shell size and larger trigger gaurd and easier cleaning by a few more seconds. If you'll never shoot the 3.5 then the m2 will do. basically the same guns different reciever
  3. Other than CLP which has mineral spirits and petroleum distillates that will slowly eat through the camo much like DEET will. Is there anything like a plain vasoline or silicon spray or something to put over my max4 sbe2 where the dings are to prevent rust in those spots?
  4. Definitely wanted that, but I find the low rib is a poor site plane as well, in comparison to the montefeltro it is sadly similar. Originally I was looking at the m2 extensivly then found a montefeltro on big discount and didn't notice how low the low rib was, and it was never really an issue but the more I used it the more I wanted a lower site plane blah blah and it just doesn't come up as perfectly as a sbe2. Not sure why most goose guns are 8lbs and gas and why the sbe goose gun is 7lbs and inertia... I'll be going to the gun store tomorrow to feel up more options...
  5. thanks for all your suggestions guys, but alas so far it just seems I can't win, lol, a light hard kicking pump or a hard kicking mossberg, both no good, lol I've never had a single failure to fire, eject, etc. with the monte and I can't imagion going into a blind and having a mossberg jam up on me. No sorry tucker can't test demo anything and no friends have a sbe2, all I have is the monte and can inference that a sbe2 might be okay if it has a different pitch, which it feels like in the store, but I won't know before I order one.
  6. I agree it is like a 7lb vs 8lb fixed breech gun recoil wise, but I didn't mind the massive monte recoil when it wasn't slapping me on the face, but sometimes it does and its a *****, lol. I'm tempted to try the sbe2 even thou it is 7lbs, or possible the supernova at 8lbs, not sure what I'm going to do, my other plan was a cheap cheap mossberg or 870 and save all my money, but I noticed most of those weight 6 &3/4 or 7 lbs, which is just as light as the sbe2 but without the comfortect and semi auto, so maybe a ****** pump is going to beat me up as well. dont' l
  7. Hey dooderman; I was actually thinking that I'd swap the monte for the sbe2 because the sbe2 comes up instantly to a perfect sight plane, where as the monte is almost perfect but then I have to roll my head down to level the rib out and that is what causes me to get bumped. When I fire my friends supernova I don't have to roll my cheek down, and hence no cheek slap. Is it safe to assume that if I do swap to the sbe2 I should be okay? Thats my only concern, is that if I swap and still get slapped im out a ton of money thanks
  8. I agree with your entire post but this, for the bolt to unlock the gun must travel backwards, lets just say about 1/4 inch, Then the bolt travels back, but that 1/4 inch has already kicked 30 - 40lb of recoil into you at that point on a 7lb gun. I have other guns that fit but I was trying to find a goose/ everything gun, I'm not a fan of switching guns I'd like to hand throw clays with my hunting gun and vice versa etc etc... I'm just sad that I don't think they fit and I can't really demo anything.
  9. The monte has zero recoil reducing features and the supernova has a comfortech stock, but really, zero recoil reducing features. So they both are basically fix breech when they fire, and the supernova weights a pound more. So basically I think non of the benelli's fit me and I should move on to something else, I don't have a chance to demo a sbe2 so I don't wanna drop money on it, and really I'm not sure if the supernova fits correct either, all I can tell is that it is heavier so I get kicked less, but perhaps it doesn't fit either.
  10. I own a montefeltro that kicks me in the face. I've used my friends supernova and the high rib means I do not get slapped in the face. I then switched back w/ clays to my monte and right after using the supernova I noticed the monte kicks like a beast. I never thought it did until I did 25 on the supernova then switched back. wow that monte kicks hard in general, plus of course there is cheek slap. So I'm going to trade the montefeltro for either a sbe2 or a supernova. The XII doesn't fit, it has a low rib again. So here is the dilemma. Get the supernova at 8lbs or the s
  11. I'm probably about to buy a SBE2 and It is going to last forever. I am leaning towards going all black because of I think in a few years the camo will look like crap, but I can always CLP black matte to look decent. Any thoughts? ps. I'm sorta looking at the X2 w/ the auqa and K/O because its cheaper and softer kicking. but thats another issue.
  12. you can buy m1 super 90s and m2's in canada, thats an old law you are referring too
  13. guys, they wouldn't design a HUNTING gun that went click when it got bumped. I've been using a Monte for a year now and its never done ANYTHING wrong EVER not even once, and i bumped it and you name it. I think the peope with the 'click' have old, rusted, non maintained recoil springs that are getting weak. but thats not the guns fault!
  14. what you need to do is add more cast off unfortunetly the cast shim is either cast on or off, and u can't vary it.
  15. buck_uncle

    M2 break in

    would u want to drive a car with loose springs, there is no break in, just shoot it
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