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Gun Help!!


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Hello All... im new to this..


Im interested in getting the Stoeger Condor! Im on my high school shooting team and would like to step up from my pump to an Over/Under! I have shot many o/u and would like to buy one...


My school team shoots every sunday for practice and when we go to tournaments... its big tournaments... We went to a local shoot last sunday for skeet! It was a 200 round shoot and my team placed 2nd... 12 shots away from going to San Antonio, Texas for the Scholastic Shoot they have coming up!


I want a quality gun that can keep up with my shooting and not have to empty out my pocket for a gun! The condor looks sturdy.. but i NEED a gun that can keep up! Any recommendations? I dont need to know asap.. but would like some suggestions on what i should get!


Thanks a bunch!!



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Save up for a Browning Citori, XT, or a Beretta 682. Used guns are a great bargain, so don't narrow your focus to new guns only.


You will not regret it.


If you want to make a step up from your pump gun before you have enough money for a good quality O/U, you might consider a Beretta 391 autoloader or a Remington 1100 autoloader. Both are commonly used in competiton, and are excellent guns.


I shot a lot of competitive trap with an 1100 before moving on to an O/U.


Good luck with your shooting!



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I have shot a Stoeger Condor and I actually liked it. I shot 750+ rounds through my father-n-laws and ZERO problems. With that being said I can also see that if you were serious about clays you might wear it out fast but for the price, why not?


I would seriously look at the Condor Competition. Under $700, good wood, Ported, extended chokes, Adjustable comb and so on. It doesn't have all the engraving but is a nice gun.


I would buy this gun in a second if I actually wanted a o/u. Either this one or step up to the Franchi Renaisance Sporting gun if you want to stay in the Benelli family. This gun is GOOD! I have shot this gun too with no hi-cups.



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