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cordoba or supersport?


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I really enjoy sporting clays and am looking for a new gun. After doing my research i am torn between the cordoba and the supersport. As far as performance, they look like the same gun. I'm just wondering if the supersport has the same king of durability that a cordoba does. If anyone has either gun your advice would be much appreciated.

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I just bought a new Super Sport for clays and I love it!! This is by far the best shotgun I have ever owned, The most important part of this gun is that it fits me like a tailor made suit, It's also quite purty :D I have little experience with shotguns so I couldn't tell you the difference in the two guns. I was a little concerned about this Super Sport when I bought it about how light weight it is, I can now say that it's a pleasure to shoot!! I put over 100 rounds through it the day after I got it and the gun never bothered me a bit, I have a Super Nova pump gun and after 75-100 rounds through it in a day it leaves a bruise, I could have shot this new Super Sport all day without it bothering me!!

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The Supersport and Cordoba are the exact same gun except the SS has a finish that is shiny and fits in the world of Clays a little better. The Cordoba has all the same stuff but additionally it has color and texture options. You can get it in Max 4-HD Camo or matte black synthetic with Grip Tight which works wonders in the wet weather.


I bought an SS because I shoot Mainly clays. I will also hunt with this gun. I have seen Tom Knapp on his show hunt a lot with his SS. Yes it is shiny but it seems to work well. I have shot everything from 3 inch mags down to 7/8oz sporting loads. I have over 6k in mine since January and not one jam or failure. It is definitely a sturdy and durable gun.


I think the only drawback to my SS is that it is shiny and has a 30 inch barrel which in the Duck blind a Black or Camo gun with a 26 or 28 would be a little easier to handle. Maybe that is just enough to warrant me to get the Cordoba in Camo or the Matte Black with Grip Tight for hunting. This way I can keep my SS all pretty for clays competitions.


In MY opinion the Cordoba is the best all around gun you can buy. It works VERY well on the clays course and has all the bells and whistles of the SS clay gun and would work just as good in that arena too.



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