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Light Loads in SBE II


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Ok here we go. Whats the lightest (reloaded) ammo anyone has shot out of a SBE II. Because of the cost of lead, I'm downsizing from 1 1/8oz sporting clay loads (STS Shells) to 7/8oz if possible, or 1 oz worse case. I figure because of the reduced payload weight, Im gonna have to pump up the velocity and hope she still cycles. The only thing I got going for me is at least 10k worth of shells wear in my gun over the past 2 years so shes loose like a prom date :)

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I don't own a SBEII but I do have a Supersport w/ Comfortech. I have been able to shoot tons of 7/8oz loads out of my gun and have heard the same for guys/gals with SBEII's.


I don't think oz size is what matters. It is the FPS. If you keep it above 1200fps the gun should cycle just fine. I have shot as low as 1145fps with mine and so have others but I have heard once you drop below 1200fps it is a gamble whether it will cycle especially if dirty.


I like 1250 or better 1300fps 1oz loads in #8. Love that stuff. Works great and NEVER had a jam. I only have about 6.5K of rounds through my gun so far.


Good luck.


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