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Make sure ya clean it real good before ya shoot it and ya might try pattern work and adjust your fit while your there!! I would be sure not to shoot any light loads until ya shot some heavy loads thru it!! at least 2 or 3 boxes!! Dealer told me shoot 3 boxes of the heaviest loads i intended to ever use for break in, and i did and have had no malfunctions!! ENJOY! :)

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Yep, the advice above is the right stuff. Shoot HEAVY stuff. When we all say heavy we are talking 1 1/4oz shot, 3 or3 1/2 magnums at 1550 style stuff. I broke my SS in this way and shot 62 rounds through mine before going to the light stuff.


Clean it too as said above before even taking it out. Re-lube it good. The confusing thing is we all on here have our opinions on what to use for cleaners and lubes. I use Gunslick stuff and love it. What most of us agree on is not to use oils that gum up in different tempuratures or attract a lot of dirt. REM Oil seems to be one in Benellis that isn't so good.


Whatever you use keep it light and thin. You got a bottle of factory lube with the gun and it is super good stuff.


I was able to get a cleaning kit for around $20 bucks for just a 12g through gunslick. They make a 20/12g kit for about $35. Good kits that can go with you to the field and have a good sampling of everything you need for cleaning.


Anyway, good luck and have fun and for gods sakes be safe.



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