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Side Saddle for the M3?


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I've been looking for one for a while and have seen pictures of them around. As for ordering one I've drawn a big zero, I suppose that it has something to do with the uniqueness of the gun and the rumor that the gun has the tendency of not always cycling with stuff hanging on the side.

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If any of you try the Dillion side saddle for your M-3 let me know how the shotty semi-auto functions. I would be particularly interested if the M-3 continues to cycle post side saddle with the 2.75" reduced recoil, tactical loads.


I too have read of others using M-3s that put on a side saddle...and then their shotty would not work in the semi-mode.


BTW, I have used the elastic shell holder on my stock and the M-3 still functioned in the semi-auto mode.

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Anyone making a side saddle for the M3? Can't seem to find any.


I assume it needs to be a shorter 4 shell version due to the pump action? Thanks



I bought a 6 round Tacstar side saddle for the Benelli M1, all I did was relocate the hole in the saddle mount where the trigger group pin goes through. This allows the saddle to set farther back towards the butt stock, this way it clears the forearm when in the pump mode. Send me your email addy and I'll send you a pic of mine.


hope this helps,


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