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HK- Same as the new Benelli?


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Hi all- I have a lame total new guy question! I had a chance to fire a buds Benelli super 90 m1-very nice! I could not believe that it was a 12g-felt like a 20!


So, I started to price them:eek:-I dig the gun, but dollar wise I dont think I could swing one


Question- I have found older HK shotguns ( seller says they are Benelli?) older models that have wood stocks-selling for about 700$ 'Police trade ins" 700$ I could maybe swing


How much of a dif would there be ( on any level you think important) between one of these old HK and the Super 90 M1?


or, would you recomend that I try to find a trade some where?

I was given a as new INB sig 229 sport target pistol -all SS with the built in Sig comp in 357. sig-they sell used for about 1250/1300 but I think I may be looking for a needle in a pile of needels trying to find a trade!


Any and all help would be great and I thank you for helping out a new guy! I just loved that Benelli and am glad to have found a buch of folks that seem to think like wise!:)


Best and thanks-Jack

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HK was the importer for the US until Beretta Holdings bought Benelli a few years back. Maybe around 1998?


Given that the M1 changed little no matter who was in charge, I'd say a HK M1 should be an excellent choice.


I'd feel different about an HK SBE. At some point around the transfer time, Benelli upgraded the ejector plate assembly. The newer one seems to break less easily (but a friend broke one last year). The old ejector plate tended to break on occasion. It looks like a hockey stick to me. The new one is a more flat plate.


This makes me think of one more great thing about Benelli. Even with a broken ejector, you can still shoot your Benelli. You can even shoot pretty fast by cycling the bolt manually. I shot a limit of ducks and geese in 2000 after the plate broke. It wasn't pretty though. I've broken two in 18 seasons.


The Xtrema's achilles heel seems to be the transfer bars - I know three guys who had their's break last year. When that breaks, you are SOL. One guy was four miles from his truck and his back-up gun.


Good luck with whatever you choose.

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