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Jellyhead/ Nova/ Turkey??

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I shoot a Nova with 26" barrel. Used a jellyhead choke .655 with win XR#6's. My 40 yrd targets avg 190 in a 10" circle and 57 in the head and neck. The 60 yrd targets avg 55 in a 10" circle and 16 head and neck. I shot 3 birds at 40yrds and all went down very hard. I love this combination for the price.

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Try the Tightwad choke as well if you are trying to stay Primos, I used a Supernova and Hevi13 #6 to shoot 3 consecutive H.S Strut turkey head targets with 16 19 and 24 pellets in the spine and skull alone at 60yds. Not bad for a $20 choketube.Imagine what the 30 and 40yd targets looked like!Indian Creek is sending me some tubes to test with Benelli/Stoegers next month,swing by my myspace then and hit me up,I'll have the good (or bad) word then! Take care,guys



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