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SBE I or II? What kind of shells were you shooting? What were you shooting at? Were you standing or sitting? Do you have a limbsaver recoil pad? If not get one. Without details, I'm guessing it's 1.gun fit(mySBE I has 1 3/4" drop at the comb almost 2 1/2" at the heel; much easier on shooters faces than some of the sporting clay guns. 2. shooting form(I shoot both eyes open so my head is not canted like one-eyed rifle shooting,so my cheek bone is not pressed into the comb.3. excessive recoil(barrel rising and comb slaps cheek resolved with limbsaver recoil pad made to fit Benelli SBE. There are more knowledgeable shooters on here who can help. I'm no expert, but recently shot 2 boxes of lowly 2 3/4" 3 dr. 1 1/8oz#8's at clay targets with a Ruger Red Label 12ga. 26" O/U that hurt my cheekbone so much I'd rather go one round with Mike Tyson. The drop of the comb on the Ruger is only 1 1/4" so I have to cant my head and get my cheek bone right on the stock. I'm selling the Ruger. Next week I'm going to try the SBE I out on some hevy field loads, and if the Benelli cycles them, and it should, my dove gun will be the SBE. I have already tried the Browning Humpback and that is way better than the Ruger as far as mounting and recoil. You have adjust the Auto-5's friction rings. Good luck and I hope Tucker and the other gurus will advise you.


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