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Wasting clays


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I have a SBE with high rib.

In the past when taking aim on a skunk in the field I would hit high, barely shooting over the top.

I installed a C shim to lower my point of impact and get 60/40 results when I pattern the gun.

Problem is I can't hit a clay and it's starting to get frustrating and embarrassing. Goose hunting is right around the corner.

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Thanks for a couple pointer to try.


One thing I noticed is when I do get good hits my sight picture is different, with frustration setting in I'm not sure what I'm doing differently.


It seems when I do have a good hit I have both eyes open and my head up, not looking down the barrel at all.


It's hard to correct something when you don't know what you are doing wrong.

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You should always wingshoot with both eyes opened, but your head should be down.

It sounds to me like you are an instictive shooter, but you just need a little polishing.


The sight picture should be that you're seeing some rib and the front bead whould be just on top of the mid bead, forming a figure 8. Your target should be fully visible just above the two beads.


Also practice mounting the gun fluidly and swinging through the target instead of stopping the swing when you pull the trigger.


You can find more helpful tips here.


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