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Whats a fair price on an M4??


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Hey Fellas I might have to sell My M4 in the next few months for reasons that are personal... I was wondering what you thought a fair price would be?? i really dont wanna have to part ways with this excellent firearm I hope things work out so I dont have to but I wanna be prepared.



11707 with factory pistol grip stock paid $1400 not including tax and DROS (california BS)

2+ext (nodak spud steel ext) paid $150

Skeleton stock was gouged a lil on this

specter gear 3 point sling


Fired about 50 slugs and 100 rnds of various shot


not one dent, scratch on the finish still looks brand new despite having been fired, so with all that info what would be a fair price to ask for a private sale???


Thanks for any feed back.

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My advice to you is break it up and sell it if you want to try to get your money back. I have bought four since May and sold two. Unless you plan on taking a loss or you have allot of time you will lose money selling it as a package. Going price for a NIB M1014 is 1300 on the high end. For a used M4 is 1100-1400 tops depending on what you have with it. I have seen them go for more but there is no line for them and they have taken month's to sell.


Good luck!!


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Sorry to bring bad news. I have seen these go for more and less. It is just pot luck. I know that you will get more breaking this up with what you have. The last one I picked up was a low serial number M1014 low round count with 2 plus extension and mesa 8 round, and Skeleton stock for less than 1130 shipped.


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