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    Grew up in England served in the Military there and now I live and work here in the US.
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  1. Thats not bad news.. just means if I couldnt get the right price I would have to keep hold of it! .. but if any one would like to make an offer on my setup please PM me Im in the Los angeles area and could transfer thru Turner's or retting's
  2. Thanks for your input.. I did think about breaking it up now Im thinking bout it a lil harder.
  3. Hey Fellas I might have to sell My M4 in the next few months for reasons that are personal... I was wondering what you thought a fair price would be?? i really dont wanna have to part ways with this excellent firearm I hope things work out so I dont have to but I wanna be prepared. specs: 11707 with factory pistol grip stock paid $1400 not including tax and DROS (california BS) 2+ext (nodak spud steel ext) paid $150 Skeleton stock was gouged a lil on this specter gear 3 point sling Fired about 50 slugs and 100 rnds of various shot not one dent, scratch on the finish still looks brand new despite having been fired, so with all that info what would be a fair price to ask for a private sale??? Thanks for any feed back.
  4. I agree with HDRKG piss off over to ebay Mike R, I saw some other price gouger selling nodakspud steel 2 ext on ebay for like 300 ... and yet was claiming it to be factory.. your just starting a bad name for youself here, socom guy has better looking "non factory tubes" for less get a grip on reality!! the best offer you will get here is 199.99 same as socom guys price.
  5. Hey Scranton .. from what I hear it will prob cost a bit to have the gas tube milled and that really is your only option with the model you have just search the forum and you will find the info on the smith.. my thoughts would be to replace the skeleton stock with the full pistol grip stock or the reg stock.. or buy an 11707 and switch the stocks and have 2 kick arse M4's, as I think your stock will collapse if the tube is milled.. either way congrats on your buy!!
  6. I also have an XD9 4 inch model and I love it I have probably put 2000 rnds thru it .. shoots anything I feed it even that nice wolf ammo (never had any malfunctions), I almost purchased the .45 model instead, but due too ammo price hikes (yes im a cheap *******) I went with the 9mm as I have a few other 9's ..
  7. true MrMilitaryPolice I will be nicer, it is a free society so I think I have the right to say what I have said, im just pissed that all this gouging is going on! I have seen your posts all over so I value and respect your opinion... I have my M4 all hooked up and managed to do so before the BATF stuff happened.. and im sure all the folks that vist "this wonderful site" already know of socomguys tubes.. I will not post on Mr Paladins thread anymore I dont need any Sh%^ from Al! good luck with your sale.
  8. no temper tantrum here, your still price gouging and its cheaper and better to have socomguys full length mag tube !!!!!!!!!! .. lets not stray from that fact now Mr Paladin .. lets just face it you belong on ebay not in this wonderful forum! good luck with selling this part, real adults might wanna look at socomguys product ...
  9. PRICE GOUGER!!!!!!!!!! take it else where... any one who pays this price is foolish!!!!!!! u can get a full mag tube for 199!!!!!!!!!!!! looks way better than the ext! dont allow this gouging to continue!
  10. not to piss on your hopes and dreams fellas... but I was told that Benelli wont be shipping anymore of these stocks even if your on backorder thanks to the BATF, unless your LE or military expect to pay the high price to get one!, this is just what I have heard so please forgive if its not true!!!!
  11. Thanks for returning the Karma ... nice one!!
  12. hey guys I was wondering how one makes an adjustment to the Barrel sling loop??? Cheers
  13. Which Choke type do you need for slugs???? modified? full?
  14. well that just sucks.. that poor old lady!! man they didnt mess around they took her down! hey does anyone know whats up with the new assault weapons ban bill? chances of passing? etc any info would help me alot cheers...
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