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  1. Maybe this can help. I did a quick search and the second post found this on the BATFA. Quote: Originally Posted by 19+15+1 I've seen lots of references to this law, but there seems to be some disagreement as to what exactly it means. I'm hoping someone can explain the law in plain English. I'm about to buy an M4 and would like to customize it but I'm concerned that I might do something illegal. This is from another forum "Technically, it prohibits the domestic assembly or reassembly of an imported firearm into a configuration that is unimportable. Once the Bush Import Ban took effect, people quickly discovered the legal loophole that allowed the importation of neutered guns and their restorative parts separately, then reassemble the firearm into its unimportable configuration: Taking that ugly thumbhole-stocked MAK-90 and adding the pistol grip, folding stock, etc after importation. This practice was perfectly legal until 18 USC 922r was enacted to close the obvious flaw in the legislation a year later in Nov 1990. It applies to all semi-automatic rifles and and, according to a strict interpretation of the law's text, all shotguns regardless of mode of operation. There are a lot of legal arguments floating around regarding the law's applicability: Only ATF Import Branch has the authority to approve or deny a Form 6 import permit. If a firearm as been deemed unsuitable for sporting purposes and hence unimportable, then logically it has been submitted for approval for importation and been denied: Does 922r apply to an assembled or reassembled firearm that has never been denied import approval? If the firearm in the same configuration has never been submitted for import approval, then its importability remains undefined for that configuration. Can 922r apply where the resulting firearm is in a configuration not offered by the manufacturer, where there is no configuration to be denied importation? The Beretta Cx4 Storm is a good example where it is not a neutered version of a military weapon, but a standalone rifle made for the American civilian market. There is no manufactured version with a flash hider, non-thumbhole stock, folding stock, etc, so there cannot be an unimportable version." Hope this helps. BTW this SUCKS!!! John
  2. Washinton DC, Illinois, Kaliforina the list goes on and on. This topic has been brought up before. The BATF are the one's that state that the m4 is non sporting under the ******** 922 that is suppose to save us from being bad. The really bad people do not worry about 922r or no CCW allowed signs. John
  3. Thanks again for the info but last time I checked my pvs14 with the eotech 552, surefire and laser came in well under 20lbs. If the m2 works for you I say go for it. If you want the m4 then go for it. You only live once. People told me that Kimbers were a POS and I have had no trouble with them either. Go figure, Diffrent people diffrent results!! Thanks again and Have a NICE day John
  4. Thanks for your input and your insite on the Benelli m4. Your knowledge on the m4 is well I'm not sure I can put in into words. I am sure you will have a nice Day! John
  5. 1sbwwb

    M4 question

    I am needing to thin the herd and I was wondering which M4 is worth more. M1014 with a mid 2300 number M1014 with low serial number M4 le marked I have a buyer set up just not sure which one to let go. Thanks John
  6. Michael, Per our emails I will trade you stocks plus cash. Postal money order and package will be sent on Saturday priority mail. Thanks again John
  7. 1sbwwb

    benelli m4 question

    Unless you go SBS and pay the tax stamp the answer is NO. Unless you have at least 5 of the major parts replaced with us made parts. John
  8. Sorry to bring bad news. I have seen these go for more and less. It is just pot luck. I know that you will get more breaking this up with what you have. The last one I picked up was a low serial number M1014 low round count with 2 plus extension and mesa 8 round, and Skeleton stock for less than 1130 shipped. John
  9. 1sbwwb

    Spam on Benelli

    Thanks for the help. John
  10. My advice to you is break it up and sell it if you want to try to get your money back. I have bought four since May and sold two. Unless you plan on taking a loss or you have allot of time you will lose money selling it as a package. Going price for a NIB M1014 is 1300 on the high end. For a used M4 is 1100-1400 tops depending on what you have with it. I have seen them go for more but there is no line for them and they have taken month's to sell. Good luck!! John
  11. 1sbwwb

    Spam on Benelli

    Anyone else getting Spam Private messages from Buddha2?? How can we get rid of the SOB. John
  12. Thanks for the info. I am not wanting to screw up a friends gun just to change out the recoil tube. I was hoping that it would not be that big of a pain. John
  13. I was hoping that It did not have the locktite on it. I was going to swap out the tube on a 11707 that is not mine with one that I have on a m1014. John
  14. Has anyone removed the recoil spring tube on M4? Is it a big pain or does the locking nut just unscrew and you take a strap wrench to remove the tube from the stock? Thanks John
  15. The six shot tube I beleive may be refering to 3" shells instead of 2 3/4 shells . John
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