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Benelli SBE II vs. Browning Silver


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Well I own and shoot both.


The Silver is less than one year old. So far it has not held up well. The bolt handle broke in half after a few boxes of shells. They sent me a new one, but I bought three extra anyway. The Dura Touch film has peeled off about 25% of the gun (Browning CS told me to pound sand). The gun will not cycle with a Hi Viz X-Coil pad, so I had to put the hard factory pad back on.


On the other hand, my SBE II has had zero problems in the three years I have been shooting it.


I do like that the Browning shoots lower than the SBE II (even with handmade D shim I use in the SBE II), but I shoot fine with the SBE II. I plan to mess around with the shims a bit more to try to match the drop of the Silver.


Also, the Silver tends to pattern steel better than the SBE II. The SBE II loves Matrix, HS, and lead. This could be an issue for me as other non-toxs are now $40-$50 per 10/pk, but I can shoot more steel #3's and/or Hevi Steel in the SBE II.


I'd say no contest for the SBE II over the Silver, especially for long term use.

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I'm going to shoot both at the DU Festival. I'm sure the Benelli will come out victorious. If I plan it right, all of the guns at the festival after there usage will be available August 29th for purchase, so hopefully, I can get a Benelli at a great price.

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I was at the festival today. Between intermintent rain showers, I shot the SBE II. out of 10 rounds I hit 8 birds. Came up nice, and cycled the dove and quail loads which my Franchi 912 will not do. Very impressed with the gun. Great gun overall. Will for sure spend the extra cash and buy the gun.

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i own neither gun but when i am at the range with my buddies one ownes a silver the other a SBE II, the silver jams about every ten shells while the SBE II cycles them all with ease. my next shot gun will be a SBE II lefty.:)


I don't think the Silver/Gold is a great trap/skeet/SC gun unless you keep a bottle of oil handy. All of mine need to be run wet in order to shoot many shells at one event.


I do like the Silver/Gold very much, and will probably always own and shoot them at times.


But all of my Benellis are the real workhorses and will get the tough assignments.

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