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Super Sport Mid Bead Problem


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I've had a Super Sport for a few years now. Great gun, I've put over 10,000 shells through it and never had a single problem until now. The mid bead seems to have come loose and threaded itself down into the rib to a point where the top of the bead is level with the rib. There isn't enough of the bead showing to grab and twist out. Has anyone had this problem or have a suggestion for removing it?


Yes, I do use the mid bead to keep my gun mount consistent.



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I assume you're not wanting to send it in for Benelli to take care of under warranty (5 years) because of the long wait you'd have to endure.


That leaves you with a DIY or local help.


Looking at the mid bead on my SBEII, I think DIY could be done, but it could be a delicate operation.

I'm thinking that you could secure it in a padded vise and CAREFULLY drill it out with an undersized bit, leaving a small amount engaged in the threads (assuming it indeed threaded in). After drilling, you should be able to use a small bladed screw driver lightly wedged in to unscrew the remaining collar.


If you didn't feel good about that, then my next best suggestion would be to take the barrel to local shop that repairs jewelery and ask if they have some means of getting it out.

They've got the big lighted magnifier and lost of little tools, so they may be able to help you.


I think I'd at least call CS and check on the availability of a replacement bead and whether it's screwed in or pressed in before proceeding.

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Thanks for the thoughtful reply. It is threaded. I was able to get it out this afternoon using a magnifying glass and two small Xacto blades, to very carefully screw it out. Before putting it back in with Loctite, I put a small stainless pin in the hole to prevent it from screwing itself in again. I guess I'd rather lose it than try this operation again! After looking at the size of the bead, I can't even imaging trying to drill this thing out.



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