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rust. please help


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You can't "remove" the rust. Bluing isrust. It's just black iron oxide instead of red iron oxide. If you use a rust remover it will take the bluing off. If it's just a little rust, put oil on it and lightly rub it with some 000 or 0000 steel wool or just a good rag. You probably didn't have much oil on it to start with, and flat finishes soak up oil. If it's pitted or badly rusted you might want to have it bead blasted and reblued and that usually doesn't cost too much. I've had a plain ol synthetic SBE for 6 years and have treated it with Breakfree and Militec, I duck and deer hunt in the worst conditions sometimes and live in a saltwater environment and no rust yet.

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Get some Eezox or Corrosion X and apply it directly onto the rust. Although it will not remove it-- it will hault it from spreading.


When I purchase a new gun, the first thing I do is field strip it and treat it completely with whichever of the two products I have handy. Then once a month each weapon gets a good wipe down. I have never had any rust issues.

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