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sluggish M2


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I'm having problems with my 2 year old lefthanded M2 being real sluggish when recycling shells. I'll clean the gun and it will work great for about 2 boxes of duck loads, then it will start to get REAL slow, almost to the point of stopping and requiring a push. any suggestions on what i might try or what i might not be doing right when cleaning the gun. :confused:

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i've taken the trigger assembly and slide out, but i haven't taken out the spring if thats what lives in the stock. been hesitant to get into that for fear of messing something up. i'm using nitro solvent to clean parts and very lightlyhitting the internal moving parts with birchwood casey gun sheath to keep moisture out and lube. should i just be using a couple drops of rem oil instead.

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the thing i failed to mention is that it's not really when i'm shooting it, it's more when i'm loading shells and opening/closing the action that i really notice the sluggishness and thats when i almost have to help it along. that's one reason i didn't think it would be in the recoil spring. is that way off

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Yes, the condition of the recoil spring (that lives in the stock) is what makes the action slide forwards.


Strip it completely, including the recoil spring and housing. You also need to disassemble the bolt group and remove the firing pin, inertia spring, etc.

Clean all parts.

I prefer Hoppes Elite Gun Cleaner.

If anything is really cruddy looking, use Gunscrubber or compressed air to blow it out.

I would not use nitro solvent on anything but the bore.

I really like Benelli's oil, but Rem-Oil should be good as well.

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