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Resale value of M1 Super 90


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I'm fairly new to the Benelli world and was hoping you could help me with a fair price. I'm looking at buying a friends gun. Its a 12 gauge M1 Super 90 w/ the walnut finish. Probably 3-5 years old. It has normal scratches, and one small chip in the stock. Its far from mint, but still in pretty good condition. Any ideas on a fair price for this gun? I believe there are 3 or 4 chokes that are with it. Does anybody know how many were originally sold with these guns?


He said he paid about $1,000 new for it. What should I offer as a fair price? Thanks in advance!


Also - Please let me know if you have had good / bad experiences with this gun? I live in MN, so I'm looking at using it mainly for duck hunting and pheasant hunting.



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start deducting $50 for every major scratch,,, ding ,chip ,,etc,,any silly aftermarket non well thought out product on the weapon,,now if he's lucky he might get around 6-650,,for it,,remember ,,they say an item is only worth what your willing to pay for it ,,

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Thanks - appreciate the info!! Here's my other issue. He originally wanted about $800 for it. Are there any websites out there that show approximate values of Benelli shotguns? Or even websites that sell used guns I could compare this to?


Thanks again,


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