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New Benelli owner hello and question.


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Good evening everyone,


just wanted to say hi as a new Benelli owner as I just picked up a M1 Super 90. IT was in the original box with several chokes, the wrench and the manual.


I put it together and have just one question (so far).


The front sling mount is lose when the barrel nut is tightened completely.


Is it supposed to be this way or did I miss something?

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I don't have any pics. It is the defense verion with a plus 2 extender from the factory, pistol grip, etc. The sling mounts is fitted in a grove on the tube nut. It floats freely to allow the nut to be tightened and has three notches in the edge to allow it to be positioned to the left, to the right or to the bottom.


The more I think about it, it probably is supposed to remain free to ensure that when a sling is mounted it cannot loosen the magazine end nut (or whatever it is called).

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I have an original H&K imported M1 S90 in defense configuration. Bought it in 1986 for $560! The front sling mount does giggle a little and does not turn at all. It's the way the gun was designed. By the way, an extra 28 inch huntng barrel with 4 chokes and a standard stock cost me an additional $250 dollars. A lot of money for 1986. After all these years, I still dazzle people at the range with that black beauty. 7+1 rounds as fast as you please. Mine will shoot british 2+1/2 inch shells up to 3 inch magnum , all mixed up in any order and has never failed me. Been through police academy with me and loaned to friends for their academy. Years of semi-annual qualifications and more years of just fun at the range.



US Army Military police (Retired)

DoD Police Sergeant (Retired)

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