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M4 Piece O' Junk


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Surefire sent me a demo and I have it on my entry M4 and it is a great rail system. Fits tight, no play in the stock and it looks very good on the shorty shotgun. I haven't fired the gun yet with the surefire rail on it, but I am sure it will be just fine. Very nice product.

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By reading some of the responding post, apparently some of you guys seem to think that by purchasing the proclaimed 'best combat shotgun every made' I should overlook the fact the that it simply does not do what it is supposed to do - namely fire rounds in semi-automatic fashion. Sure it looks cool, but I did not pay for cool (well, I kinda did). As I would expect a new Ford F250 to start up and run when I wanted it too, I would expect this shotgun to perform it's function. I have had numerous shotguns, rifles, and pistols (yes, including Mossbergs) and I realize that certain firearms just like some ammo better than others. That is why I experimented with about 12 differing types and brands of slugs and shot. But I have never had this type of problem. Thanks to the guys that provided constructive feedback - I will be certainly giving Benelli a ring this next week.


I don't own an M4 yet but your post sounds foolish. You did not state what ammo you were using. You did say 12 different brands but what were they. I am quessing reduced recoil ammo which does not run well in semi autos. Can't blame the gun for not running with ammo it was not designed for.


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I had jams and fail to fires for my first 200 or so rounds. I had heard this would happen, so I burned through that period without giving it much though.


I have since then fired 5000+ rounds without replacing a single part, cleaning rarely, without a single jam, fail to eject, or misfire.


Get your gun checked out.

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