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Is something wrong with this M4?


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I've got a new M4 and a quick question to go with it :)

Before I ever fired it, I was working the action, dry firing, etc. I could swear that if I pushed the "cartridge drop lever" - you know, the one with the red dot - up into the receiver, that something in the magazine would disengage with a bit of a thunk and I could feel some momentum in the gun. It definitely felt like a spring was being released in the receiver. The "carrier control button" (i.e. bolt release) would also pop out when the cartridge drop lever was pressed.


Then I shot about twenty 3" shells.


Now when I press the cartridge drop lever, all that happens is the carrier control button pops out with a little audible "tick."

I've field stripped the gun, and I can't find anything that looks any different now.


So the question is... am I mis-remembering how the gun behaved before I shot it or is something different now?

Depressing the cartridge drop lever isn't a decocker, right?


I just can't figure out why it previously felt like a spring was released before but does not any more.


Maybe its just me?


I hope to shoot it again tonight after work.


Thanks for any input!


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congrats on your wise purchase,,theres nothing wrong with your M4,,,whip out your manual and go thru it or use the online one,,,next,,purchase some 12 guage snap caps or better said'fake shells'',,cycle them thru your weapon and that will teach you more about your M4,,

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Thanks guys!

HDRDKG has it right. I put some ammo in there and it sounded/felt as I had remembered. I didn't realize that anything was hitting the shells when I pressed the cartridge drop lever.

M1014, thanks for the tip on the fake shells. I never thought to look for those for 12 ga.


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