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  1. So for compliance, we need to replace three parts. Doesn't the extended magazine tube count as one part from the list? The ATF list identifies "(18) Magazine bodies." as one. It also lists "(19) Followers." We know that's doable. But what do we replace for the third?
  2. Further inspection reveals that the pistol grip part is coming apart. The rubber moulding is separated from the plastic frame. Looks like there is some kind of toungue that is supposed to be in a slot that isn't.
  3. I received my C-stock from Botach today. The parts were not in any product box and were quite obviously used - scuffed and encrusted with dirt. It's going back to Botach.
  4. It will be very interesting to see how long this lasts. There sure are a lot of them all of a sudden.
  5. I ordered a C-stock from Botach on Friday morning and it shipped out the same day. Tracking in UPS now. I already have one, but I'm gambling that the price will go back up.
  6. CMOS

    best sight for m4

    If you get the collapsable stock, be careful. The height of the gun changes a lot bettween extended and collapsed. At extended, you can use the iron sights. At collapsed, they are real low. I found that, for the collapsed position, a T1 on a the tallest larue mount is the way to go in so far as the height is concerned.
  7. CMOS

    Nut size info needed

    :) You are right. No need to overcomplicate this with a fixed crescent wrench when an adjustable will work well enough. Thanks....
  8. CMOS

    Nut size info needed

    Thanks for the reply. The nut in question is much bigger than even my 22mm wrench, let alone a 13mm one.
  9. I'm looking to loosen the recoil spring tube nut on my M4. It's No. 50 on the schematic here: http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=0/sid=916/schematicsdetail/M4 Can anyone tell me what the size of the nut is? I don't have the right size wrench and don't want to mess it up. I also don't want to bring my shotgun into Sears so I can try out different wrenches. I ask because I need to rotate my recoil spring tube. From the factory, it's rotated a little bit from the true center, which puts the C-stock off at an angle. Thanks.
  10. Zombies when the SHTF.
  11. I've an an M4 with the collapsible stock. I like to run the stock in the middle or shorest positions, which puts the rail (relative to my eye) a much lower than it would be with the stock extended. I load with Federal 2 3/4 reduced recoil 00 buck as for CQC. Can anyone recommend optics for this setup? I think the RM05: Trijicon RMR Dual Illuminated Sight — 9.0 MOA Amber Dotwould be great on a tall mount. Anything else on those lines that I should be considering? Also, how many MOA for the dot? Trijicon has dots in 4, 8, 7, 9, and 13 MOA. Thanks!
  12. The fact that Botach was selling them suggests there isn't a legal reason why they aren't generally available in the US. So someone could arrange to purchase them from Benelli and import them. Shouldn't be that hard.
  13. My titanium parkerized tube showed up today from Kip. What can I say, but WOW! The machining and the finish are outstanding! Can't wait to install it. Thanks!
  14. In my opinion, it makes zero sense to spend close to $200 for the factory mag extension piece when you can get the whole tube for that much from the vendors on the forum. All it takes is a small bit of balls to take your OEM tube off and put the new full-length one on.
  15. Well, after a year or so of thinking about what to do, I finally sprung for one of Kip's tubes! Six months ago, I bought a bench vise thinking...I'm going to get a tube on order one of these days. So got the vise mounted, got a heat gun. Finally ready. I was thinking about what to use to clean out the threads on my receiver after I get the oem tube off. Is there any reason why I can't use "Goof Off"? I was looking at the acetone (actually nail polish remover) in the stores, and it had all kinds of other crap in in besides acetone. So I didn't want to go with that. Would the Goof Off hurt the finish or something? Thanks!
  16. What? I wouldn't touch that collapsible stock with a drill at any price. Unless those pushbuttons are sewn in, I suggest taking them out and attaching the sling normally.
  17. I think you can field strip the M4 if you have the benelli factory +2 extension. Looks like all the others (that I know of) introduce a nut which which has to be removed to field strip.
  18. CMOS

    M4 For Sale

    Already got mine, but that seems to be the right price considering the accessories. Just some questions for fun: Is that "+2 Benelli mag extension" the Benelli part or a 3-rd party? What state are you in?
  19. Zodiac, My goodies arrived and I tested it out. It works! Here's exactly what I ordered from optics planet: IS-FL-M6X-M6X-000-A1 Insight Technology M6X Tactical Laser Illuminator - Long Gun, 1913 $324.00 IS-ZA-CFL-900-A1 Insight Technology CFL-900-A1 Shotgun Adapter for M Series Tactical Illuminator Flashlights $46.00 The CFL-900 adapter works to proivide a little mini-rail on the magazine tube to hold the M6X laser+light unit. The M6X-000-A1 laser comes with a remote cord, but it's short. It's probably long enough to work if you mount your laser immediately in front of the plastic forend grips. If you want to mount the laser closer to the front (on an extension tube), you will need this $40 part: "Insight Technology CFL-310 SG Shot Gun Remote Switch with Curly Cord for M3X / M6X Tactical Light" This is a longer curly cord. The model nos "M6X-000-A1", "CFL-900" and "CFL-310" are the Insight Technologies part nos, so if you can't find them at opticsplanet anymore, you could google around and perhaps find them elsewhere. Have fun!
  20. I ordered this light from optics planet: IS-FL-M6X-M6X-000-A1 Insight Technology M6X Tactical Laser Illuminator - Long Gun, 1913 $324.00 I believe it comes with the remote on/off switch, which is why it costs about $45 more than the on you would get for a regular handgun with a rail. I'm taking delivery today, so I'll post my results.
  21. Zodiac, See the fit chart at http://www.insightlights.com/chart.htm What model of the light are you looking at?
  22. Does anyone know where I can see an exploded parts list for the M4? Thanks!
  23. From opticsplanet.net. Link below. http://www.opticsplanet.net/streamlight-mossberg-500-tactical-mount-69908.html
  24. Thanks. When did the ATF make that rule change?
  25. MENeelz has it right. I would just empahsize that you need to "Hold down the bolt release button down," as he said. I didn't know that the first time I did it and was a bit confused for a bit.
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