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New Benelli owner


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Welcome to the forum.

Without knowing what model Nova you bought or your intended purposes for your Nova (hunting, tactical, etc.) the only thing I can tell you is a barrel will cost you nearly what you paid for the complete gun. Any other accessories depends on what your into.

I like the TruGlo front beads and I use a Quake Industries sling and swivels.

Heres the link. Enjoy your new Nellie.



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It is the Nova Pump Field and slug combo 12 gauge. I honestly bought it impulsively because the store I was having a great sale. I knew that the Marine Corps trusts benelli shotguns for combat and so I bought it with just the intention of familiarizing myself with a benelli weapon system.


I will mostly be using for fun, but eventually would like to get into hunting. Maybe now someone could lead me down the right direction of what type of accessories to purchase.

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I bought my Nova a couple of years ago and just put in the recoil reducer this weekend. i tested it out on some grouse and didn't really give it a huge test, as I was camping with some kids and pets who didnt like the noise in camp. but from the 6 or so shots I fired I didn't feel hardly anything. It did weigh the gun down another lb but if you are doing some field hunting for birds you probably don't need the insert anyway. If you are shooting magnum loads and sport shooting your going to want to have it. Good aftermarket product!!

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