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SBII Cleaning


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I recently purchased a SBII and I am very impressed with it, I put probably 150 rounds though it without any problems. The manual however isnt the greatest in my opinion. It shows you assembly/disassembly but not where cleaning or lubrication is required. For the barrell I use a boresnake with nitro solvent in the front and some CLP in the back. I wear nitrile gloves when cleaning all my guns and use CLP or Militec-1 on them also. I whiped the inside down completely with CLP and took the entire bolt and assembly apart, I like using gloves because you can almost just massage the parts with a light coat of clp already on your gloves. The only parts I would say I oiled more are the rotating bolt head and sides of the bolt that fit into grooves (i know its hard to describe without pics). Comments? Suggestion? Thanks for your time...

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You're on the right track.

As common sense dictates, a little lube on friction, contact, and pivoting parts is the order.

A light film lubes and protects from corrosion.

Anything heavier attracts and collects dirt and grime, leading to undue wear and friction.


I put together a SBE cleaning guide which some have found to be helpful.


It's in PDF format.


Right click here and choose "Save Target As" to save a copy to your computer.

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