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Recoil pad for super sport ll


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I contacted HiViz about prefit pads for Benellis.


They told me they had plans for some prefits, but not for Benelli.


They said Browning/Winchester and Remingtom were the bulk of the requests.


As much as we love our Benellis, we are quite a small minority of all gun owners. I would guess not even close to 1% of overall gun purchases are Benellis.


mudhen - CA

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Originally posted by banjopicker:

Does anyone know if any of the major manufactures of recoil pads is making a direct replacement for the comfortect stocks.Considering how slow Benelli is this could be well recevied

I called Benelli in states and they now say the pads may be in in GET THIS March 2005 :mad:
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I asked them about Benelli, not Beretta.


Read closely next time.


Beretta already has many prefit pads of their own (Gel-Tek), and many prefit pads from aftermarket companies. Plus, the wire clip pad attachment method on the newer Berettas does not lend itself to aftermarket pads easily.


Browning is way behind in prefit pad options as well. They offer the Hi-Viz in their catalog but only as the grind to fit model.


Locally here a gunsmithed grind to fit will cost $50-$75 + the cost of the pad. That is close to $100 for a pad.


I'll stick to a $29 prefit Limbsaver for now.


IMHO - A prefit aftermarket pad for the Comfort-Tech stock will never happen. The design is too specific to allow for enough sales to justify someone creating a mold for that item.


mudhen - CA

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