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Camo vs. Black


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Aside from the obvious reasons of one being camo and one not, what are the advantages/disadvantages of camo vs black?


I really don't care if I have camo or not. I'm more interested in durability / ability to fight off rust. I feel like the camo is better in this situation, but what happens if the camo gets scratched off and the metal is exposed. If you then clean the spot with oil, it damages the camo around that area, right?


I just wanted some "expert" opinions before I go sink $1000 in this gun.

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The camo one still rusts on the inside.


I also had to make the decision between camo and black. I chose the black because 2 of my buddies have the Max-4 SBE2 and after 1 duck season they both show signs of wear around the grip, bottom edges of receiver and fore end. These are not scratches and the camo is not peeling off but sort of fading.


I like the looks and idea of the camo but believe the black will hold up better over time.


Hope this helps, either way you will be pleased with this gun. Just make sure you let the bolt fully close and lock. Closing the bolt gently by hand does not work and results with a click and no boom.

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Personally, I have a hard time believing that the camoflage gun increases how many birds you take. Birds of any kind.


I would think that if you want durability you'd just go with matte black because it will hide the wear a lot better than the camo coated guns.


Waterfowl and upland game birds have been hunted for what, nearly a hundred years or more now without camoflaged guns or bows? I think it's probably more preferance than what could actually be chalked up to advantage.


That said, my next autoloader will be in MAX-4 camo, and my next O/U will possibly be in synthetic - matte black.

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