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Nova and 2 3/4 shells


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I have a Nova and when I load 2 3/4" shells into and and eject them sometimes they get stuck in the chamber (I have only noticed this while unloading the gun without firing). Is this just due to the shells being small, or is there something wrong with my gun?

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On the nova the when you pull the pump back to unload by cycling, assuming this is what you are referring to, the extractor should catch the rim of the shell dragging the shell out of the chamber and into your veiw. The ejector, located behind the port should spring back and after pulling it back far enough the extractor should let go of the shell and the ejector will spring forward very quickly and cause the shell to spin out of the gun.


Whatever part of the process above that you don't notice in the cycling of the gun tell me and I may be able to tell you where the source of the problem is.


refer to the parts list provided by benelli in the box if you have trouble locating parts. pg 6 shows the ejector assembly. and the extractor is shown on pg 4


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