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Alrighty im new to the hunting thing and trying to get into it. Im planning a trip up to Alaska in the Spring to do a bear hunt. I plan on using my Nova. Whats some reading i should do before going out? Ill be going with a few experinced guys but i dont want to look like a complete retard out there ya know. Thanks for the help.

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Don't be afraid to ask the experienced guys questions,and do more listening than talking.That will be the biggest step towards not looking like a "retard".I know you are going bear hunting,but if you can get your hands on "How to bag the biggest buck of your life" by Larry Benoit,you will learn a TON of useful woodsmanship skills that covers some serious issues that a person should know before heading into the big woods.I don't put a lot of stock in some of these "hunters" on t.v. and sometimes the magizines,but this guy is the real deal.


Good Luck with your adventure.

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