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Is there a Slug barrel for the Montefeltro?


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http://www.benelliusa.com/firearms/partsAccessoriesBarrels.tpl, from what i read NO! Aftermarkets are expensive but E R Shaw does barrel work and probably not worth the price in comparrison to buying a dedicated slugger combo in a different model! the Monte should shoot slugs good enough to put food on any table. Rifled slug barrels are better and more accurate but smooth bores will sling them pretty good!
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I used to have a Benelli Black Eagle (not a SBE). This gun was similar to a Montefeltro and I think used the same barrels. It had a two piece recieiver kind of like a SBE but the top part was a separate piece not part of the barrell. I had a slug barrel for it and suspect it would fit the Montefeltro also. I think the barrell was made by E R Shaw.

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